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Since Kisaragi Associates was established in February 1999, we have played a key role in supporting the intellectual property strategies of our clients, serving as a "craftsmen group" of intellectual property.

We believe that IP strategy is one of the cornerstones of business management. Intellectual property strategy is crucial for business activity, because it serves to promote research and development of new products and services, to allow the new products and services to be more competitive in the market, and to reduce the risk of dispute against competitors.

In order that patent attorneys can strongly support such intellectual property strategies, we believe that patent attorneys must understand our clients' business environments, and acquire entrepreneur's viewpoints.

In Kisaragi Associates, a patent attorney who is a partner works as one of the craftsmen in all cases, with an entrepreneur's view. It is our wish that, through providing a highly value-added service at a reasonable cost, we might be able to protect the interests of our clients and contribute to a prosperity of society through intellectual property.

Kisaragi Associates
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Effective April 9, 2012, our Head Office (Ochanomizu office) has moved to a new location, Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Telephone and facsimile numbers of the Head Office have been changed.

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Kisaragi Associates was established in February 1999, by merging Migita Patent Office established by Toshio Migita in 1969, and Itami International Patent Office established by Masaru Itami in 1990 , with a partnership of three partners, Toshio Migita, Masaru Itami, and Kazuya Senda. Kisaragi Associates was established as an IP law firm that seeks to flexibly support IP strategies of a company in the 21th century.

The name of "Kisaragi" means "February" in the lunar calendar. February is the month in which Kisaragi Associates was established.
February is the beginning of a spring season in Japan. We employed the name of "Kisaragi" because we wished to grow like buds sprouts in the early spring, and finally grows into a big tree.

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